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The Joyful Bosom Affair

A funny thing has been happening around Bend Oregon this summer!

Watching as women pull up to your neighbors on a week night you might think it's a candle party or plastic goods sales event, but you are wrong. Women have been gathering to raise money for the Sara Fisher Project. They have been arriving with fun and creativity on their minds. Upon arrival they see canvases and paints and quickly get busy choosing the colors for their palates. Some choose to sketch the design on paper before putting brush in hand and some just go for it.

There is something incredibly different about these paintings! The only requirement for this event is that these women will be painting and printing their own breasts into their creations- hence the name of the event "The Joyful Bosom Affair". Seventeen women ages from 23-75 joined at one particular party and one of the women was heard saying "I thought this would be boring, but I came because it is such a good cause- I didn't know it would be this much fun!". After another party the hostess received a thank you saying in part "What a Fun evening! That has to be one of the most uplifting, positive, and fun ways to be a breast cancer survivor ever!...It was a great way to celebrate my 7th year as a survivor."

Born of a crazy idea after making a joke birthday present for a girfriend with a sense of humor, Lenora James had so much fun making the first painting that she knew other women would want to do the same thing. After realizing if she were to lose a breast to cancer (as a few women in her family had) that painting would take on a new meaning. Raising money for the Sara Fisher Project was the right thing to do with this idea. The Sara Fisher Project seeks to improve womens health through community education programs, low- and no- cost breast screenings, breast cancer research, and support services for women diagnosed with breast cancer.

Flyers where made and put around town and women started to call. Lenora would drop off the canvas and paints and retrieve the paintings the morning after each party, "I have been overwhelmed with joy at the response this event has had by my family, friends and the community!"

The Joyful Bosom Affair had a huge show in October '08 and it was a hit!! If you would like to be a part of this awesome experience and hostess a party with your friends please e-mail for details. We would like to see this fundraiser go national and share proceeds with the Susan G. Komen Fund!!

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